land art bos


We are a group of people who want to plant trees as art, with the land as our canvas. We will show how trees are artistic by creating living sculptures.

The design of the  Land Art Bossen will be done as a group, also called concept design, several different ideas come together in one forest.

In these times we face so many different environmental issues, in which the Land Art Bos can help. Think about the co2 storage in the wood, shelter provision for wildlife and food for wildlife including humans.

Each forest will provide a place for people to express their artistic connection to nature. The artistic connection can come in the form of land Art, poetry, photography, painting and not to forget the creation of living sculptures.

The forest does not function, in this case, as a background to the art but is a dedicated part of the art.

Each Land Art Bos will have their own characteristics according to the location and size.

They all have one thing in common; they are planted in a certain shape like spirals, circles or whatever people would like.

Land Art Bos will link to other organisations and movement who have nature in their concepts. We will link with government bodies, starting locally moving into globally. 

Our first aim is to find land where we can plant them Land Art Bos/Forest.

There is a facebook group, where things are moving forwards.


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